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who we are

We are a mind-body center for restoration and empowerment, offering people-centered, high quality treatments; small, personalized non-factory-style yoga and other classes, courses, workshops and events.

how we work

"Cura personalis". We treat and work with the whole person, not just the symptom. We reawaken the body’s own healing to achieve optimum health and well-being!

our clients

Our main clientele are baby boomers and young people who realize that true healing happens only by making lasting lifestyle changes. We encourage you to invest intelligently in your health and we support you every step of the way. Come join us for an adventure into a world of well-being and self-discovery!

our team

Our teachers, workshop leaders and speakers are highly qualified and experienced and come from all over the world as well as the USA.


  grüezi & hello

we encourage you to invest intelligently in
your health and support you every step of the way

WE ARE the first mind-body Swiss Healing Center in the United States. It is our mission to provide personalized holistic alternative and complementary medicine treatments and exercises to empower, facilitate healing and liberate body, mind and spirit.

HOW WE WORK: We believe in "Cura Personalis" and  "Quality over Quantity".  

We pride ourselves on our mindful approach to whole-body health not just treating a symptom instead helping you support and re-awaken your body's own healing to achieve optimum health and well-being.


WHAT drives us is listening, delivering and committing to your needs.

OUR CLIENTELE no matter if you come in to treat chronic pain or need a tune-up session, we will help you.

WHAT SETS US APART is our approach treating

one client at the time with Swiss precision and quality. 

No matter if you come to refuel or work on eliminating or managing your aches and pain, we help you


Let us guide you to become more aware and in touch with yourself.

Join us on this wonderful journey of self-discovery, positive transformation and empowerment.

Warm greetings from the Swiss Miss, founder

meet barbara, founder


• Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine,

   Boston, MA
• MBA, Boston, MA
• BA, Business, Solothurn, Switzerland


• Diplomate Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM, US

• Diplomate Oriental Medicine, Massachusetts, US
• Doctor in Acupuncture, Rhode Island, US
• Dipl. Naturheilpraktikerin, SBO-TCM, Switzerland
• Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioral Hypnotherapy, UK

registration, us
• NCCAOM, USA: No. 117092

• COA, USA: No. 241743

• Department of Health, USA: DA00351

• Yoga Alliance, USA: E-RYT200, No. 73637

registration, ch

• Kantonsärztliche Bewilligung Kt. Zürich für Akupunktur: 
   No. 12193

• SBO-TCM, A-Mitglied: dipl. Naturheilpraktikerin
• EMR-Qualitätslabel: No. 25787/ZSR. 600977

registration, uk
• NCFE: No. 2934340

• Specialized in Eastern & Western Style Cupping

• Contemporary Cupping Methods

• Japanese Non-Insertion Acupuncture: Toyo-Hari Style

• Reiki Master/Teacher

• Hatha Yoga Teacher, E-RYT200

• Qi Gong: PanGu Shen Gong Teacher
• CranioSacral Therapist I & II

• Visceral Manipulation I

• Cognitive-Behavioral Hypnotherapist

A very warm and happy grüezi from the Swiss Miss.

My name is Barbara Alexandra Dummermuth. I was born and raised in Switzerland. In 2000, I moved to Boston to enroll in an MBA at Simmons School of Management, which I graduated from in August 2001. After​ working in different startup companies I decided to follow a calling I have had since my childhood and enrolled in a 4.5 year long full-time triple masters in Japanese & Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine at New England School of Acupuncture. The school has been the synonymous with excellence in acupuncture education since 1974, making it the oldest acupuncture program in the U.S.

In 2010, I returned to my homeland for a four year period where I practiced all my skills in holistic medicine. In 2014 I received a greencard and fulfilled a promise I made to my U.S. clients returning back to Boston opening up Laughing Buddha Boston, LLC, which is operating since 2017 as the Swiss Healing Center.


I was born into a family that was very much in tune with nature and natural healing. Both of my grandmothers created their own herbal decoctions. My mother was a pioneer in her time growing organic foods in 1976, when no one even thought of anything like that. I grew up respecting my body and the environment. We have recycled everything since I can even think of. Something the Swiss always have been good at. That's probably one of the reasons why Switzerland is still so clean and pure. On top of that, I bring with me the appreciation of Western Medicine for its potential but also recognize its limitations. Swiss people usually do not go for quick fixes but understand that good things take time and require lifestyle changes for the longrun.

My father's mother, who nearly died at the age of 24 was also told she would never be able to bear a child. Helping herself, she changed her life by making her own herbal remedies, creams, extracts and lived to a healthy 83 years of age. I would like to mention that my grandmother's father came from a long line of Western doctors/allopaths.

Not only because of my culture but also passed down from both parents and their ancestors, I have always had an awareness that there is more than the eye can see... It comes with no surprise I ended up in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. My profession gives me great pleasure and is more of a passion than work.

Healthy living is a lifestyle and not a fashion statement or a trend. It requires to take responsibilities for our actions and choices and sometimes we need to reconsider our choices.


In fall of 2014, after spending 4 years in Switzerland, I returned to Boston/US, my home of choice. On July 30, 2015, my dream of opening up the first Swiss Healing Center named Laughing Buddha Boston came true. My aspiration of opening up the center is to provide people options for a healthier and happier life by offering workshops, classes and treatments to empower through education and exposure. Prevention, healing and achieving awareness is the cornerstone for a happier and healthier life.

I am extremely excited to introduce you to many wonderful healers, speakers, and teachers in form of custom-tailored, holistic, integrative and complementary high quality services.

Feel free to explore our center either in person or online. Stay tuned by checking our online programs frequently. You never know, there might be something of interest to you at some point.

With warm wishes and bright smiles, 

Barbara, the Swiss Miss 

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located at

entire health & wellness center /
lyme awareness of cape cod

17 trinity place, unit d

mashpee, ma 02649

phone: (617) 716-9329

center hours

monday - friday

9 am - 6 pm

saturday & sunday


by appointment only

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