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My name is Barbara. I am a Swiss native who provides personalized holistic medicine treatments and exercises to help empower, facilitate healing and reconnect body, mind and spirit. No matter if you come to treat chronic pain or for a tuneup session, I can help.

Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture are good options to combine with Western Medicine to give you well-rounded care.

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Regina, Plantar Fasciitis

I suffered with planter fasciitis for over a year extremely painful many visits to a podiatrist, two cortisone shots, four months of twice weekly physical therapy did not help. Finally my podiatrist recommended Barbara she was a lifesaver. Five treatments and the pain is gone.

I slept 11 hours after my first Reiki session and haven't felt so clear headed and relaxed as this in a long time. Thank you!

I thought that knee replacement was my only option to get back to

some key recreational activities.

After much encouragement I went to see Barbara for her sliding cupping technique as well as traditional acupuncture. The treatment has been very effective and I'm am back. She has also helped me with my stretching routine. Highly Recommended.

Yuri, Reiki
Roger, Knee Replacement

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on 3 Thursdays in December

5 - 12 - 19

6 ~ 7:15 pm

Happy Hour Acupuncture
w/guided meditation

Join us on an evening of relaxation and peace to manage and reduce your stress and detoxify your body. This auricular treatment will focus on boosting energy, immune system, overall happiness and address stress reduction. 

8 participants limit   

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specialized classes

...coming soon

coping or working with lower back pain

shoulder/neck relaxation

immune booster

60 min. | $



reiki shares

Reiki share is a gathering of Reiki practitioners who participate in group Reiki treatments. The main

purpose for the Reiki share is

to give and receive Reiki in a casual atmosphere of friendship, honor,

positive energy and devotion.

20 min. | donation

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